What managers can learn from conductors for orchestras

Is there a hidden link between a today’s enterprise and a symphonic orchestra ? Are there any unexpected parallels between these two apparently entirely different universes ?

Thanks to my long-time experiences in search of answers to these questions I can definitely confirm the assertion that leadership is an important base of conducting and a manager should be able to conduct his team.

Numerous encounters and discussions with companies, teams, structures and associations encouraged me to offer my analysis and inputs from a different angle to all sort of audiences who like to get in touch with non-conventional and musical aspects of leader-ship. “Charisma”, “flow”, socio-cultural contexts of leaders in the orchestral world could inspire your company to find new solutions, a new sound-board for group-dynamics, too.

Together, we will answer the following questions :

  • Why do leaders dream of being a conductor?
  • Which part do charisma and social competences play at the upper echelon of a company ?
  • What use of being creative in dealing with human ressources ? How to conduct a group of experts?
  • How can you ‘conduct’ a company’s typical diva ?
  • How can we bring the skills of a team into focus ?
  • To perform with Virtuosity ?

As a speaker I would be delighted to introduce your team to the history, the rules and secrets of an orchestra. Based on our observations of different styles of conducting, of using a conductor’s passion and communication, my clients confirmed to gather new knowledge about their own “biotope”.

My lectures are in German, French, English or Italian.