Lectures and Workshops

The CONDUCTING MANAGERS workshops offer an extraordinary experience in a creative way: An ensemble of professional musicians is at your disposal to implement your own leadership qualities directly, naturally and in an inspired process. In a coaching specifically geared to your personality, in personal exchange with the musicians, you will experience your own characteristics as a new-born conductor of an expert company par excellence.

Depending on the format, the workshop can be supplemented with an introductory lecture, with historical video documents, with group work and / or with a summarising final presentation. The duration of the workshop will be adapted to your personal ideas; so far, either a full-day or a half-day variant is recommended.

In almost 20 years of workshop experience, the following main topics have emerged as particularly exciting: Flow and Charisma – Agility – New leadership models in times of ‘I don’t care-ism’ – Appreciation and Third Space – Interactive co-creativity for audiences and clients. The list is in a constant state of evolution.

For lectures or workshops, please contact Mrs. Esther Girsberger / gir@speakers.ch at speakers.ch